Ajan Inc.

Planning & User Experience Design


We use various research methods to understand the current state of your online business, helping you make informed, customer-focused decisions. Our research methods include:

  • Statistical Analysis
  • User testing
  • A/B & Multi-variate testing
  • Surveys
  • Card sorting
  • Personas
  • Scenarios

Using insights we help you plan your product features and optimize release cycles.

User Experience Design

We help you map out the information architecture using detailed, annotated wireframes that define interactivity of your project. Some projects, such as mobile and tablet apps/websites, may include wireframes that are true to pixel size & density.

We then create design mockups based on the wireframes. Mockups include detailed compositions and all graphic assets.

We also provide front-end assets that are ready to be deployed.


Start-ups and Agile User Experience

Certain projects are best designed in iterative cycles. This is particularly true for start-ups, applications using live data or systems that have multiple use cases (eg: workflow apps, analytics software, social media apps..). We work closely with your project team members to fashion an appropriate process and deliver documents to varied degrees of detail as projects progress.

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